Spare Parts-LHE

Service and Replacement Plates and  Gaskets for LHE Plate Heat Exchanger
Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket

Dual Clip 
The gasket can be mounted tightly and quilckly on plates by dual clip deivce (SNAP ON), and it is designed and manufactured to have the glue and gluess under different applications.

Anti-Vibration Design
To prevent taking off from the Plates during vibrating operation, prolong the plate heat exchanger service lifetime and prevent leakages.

Easy for Mounting
The gaskets are design for "Mai-operation prevention",  the workers without any experience could mount the gaskets at easier way. It prevents failure during dismount and mount the plate heat exchanger.

Supply List for Gaskets of LHE Plate Heat Exchanger
LHE Original Type,Full range of LHE production
LHE Replacement Type, HT122/HT502


Available Models for LHE Placement and Original OEM Gaskets

Applicable Material for LHE Gaskets