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Titanium Semi Welded Plate Heat Exchanger for Pulp and Paper Mill

Titanium Semi Welded Plate Heat Exchanger for Pulp and Paper Mill

SHINEHEAT's Job is to provide the replacement of a Semi-Welded PHE in Chlorine Dioxide/water solution process to increase the thermal performance of the plant.

Their service unit is originally from Sondex SW59, Semi Welded Plate Heat Exchanger, and Titanium Material.

All the Titanium Semi-welded plate packs (Titanium cassettes) need to replace due to cracks near the ports welding seam, also the frame of PHE was in poor condition.

The Plant faced following issues when we engaged

1. Failure in obtaining the replacement spare parts one time from previous supplier after two months order finalized
2. Operation line is stuck due to plate heat exchanger problem
3. The urgently production and delivery time for completed semi welded plate heat exchanger for Titanium Material.
4. The frame of Plate Heat Exchanger was also in poor situation, also need to change with same connection condition (same connection hole pitch).

On Site Plate Heat Exchanger Analysis
Sondex Semi-welded plate heat exchanger SW 59 model is DN200 connection dimension, 1208*664mm for Height * Width Size, 0.7mm  thickness Titanium Plate of cassettes;
Shineheat select AT200MW Model Semi-welded plate heat exchanger which with DN200 connection dimension, 2100*725mm for Height*Width Size, 0.7mm thickness Titanium Plate of cassettes;

SHINEHEAT AT200MW Semi-welded Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger
Shineheat Industrial Semi-welded Plate Heat Exchangers are mainly used following applications

  • Ammonia Evaporator and Condenser
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Marine and Transportation
  • Water and Waste Treatment
  • Steel and Energy
  • Water and Waste Treatment

For this case service and subsequent replacement the Semi-welded Plate Heat Exchanger in Chlorine Dioxide/Water solution process to increase the thermal performance of the Pulp and Paper Mill.

In view of High energy efficiency of Shineheat Semi-welded plate heat exchanger, with flexible configuration of plate patterns. Shineheat Semi-welded plate heat exchanger are acknowledged by business partner-
IWC  and customer for its service performance.
Shineheat also provided connection adapter with Semi-welded plate heat exchanger, so the customer won’t even change or modify the pipeline.
By speedy execution of the project, the customer’s production line is timely recovered, avoiding huge loss for production shut-down. In some way, that is the contribution by good coordination between HESSA members,
IWC and Shineheat.