Industrial Refereance Case
Semi Welded Plate Heat Exchanger apply for Pulp and Paper Mill
SHINEHEAT provided the replacement of a Semi-Welded PHE in Chlorine Dioxide/water solution process to increase the thermal performance of the Pulp and Paper plant.
Plate Heat Exchanger for Vapor Plate Condenser
The Job is to completely condense the Steam which contains 3% air into water by cooling water, meanwhile, to separate the air from Steam.
Supply 29 Sets SH-WAVEs for Fine Chemical Plant
Supply 29 Sets of SH-WAVE Welded Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers for Fine Chemical Plant
Air Cooler-"Air Wave" Welded Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger
Semi-welded Plate Evaporator for Sugar Plant
AlfaCond 400 refuirbishment Job for Sugar Plant Condenser in Thailand
SHINEHEAT Plate Heat Exchanger Apply for Bleaching Agent Factory in Bolivia
Nickel and Titanium Plate Heat Exchanger Apply for Bleaching Agent Factory in Bolivia
Ever Largest Four-Channel Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger
PED Certified 500m2 Four Channles Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger
Spiral Heat Exchanger apply for Solvent Condenser in Bulk Drug Industries
The spiral plate heat exchanger will carry out the important role for recovering expensive solvents from reactors. It need compact and efficient design for Vacuum duties with Maxi...
82 Sets of Plates and Gasket Heat Exchangers for Heating and Hot Water Application
Plates and Gasket Heat Exchangers for Heating and Hot Water Application in Mongolia
APV TR9GN Titanium plate heat exchanger replacement, apv plate heat exchanger service
Caustic Soda Heat Exchanger in Textile Industry
Welded Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger apply to Steam Heater in Textile Caustic Soda Recovery System
Shineheat offer a Plate heat exchanger as Caustic Soda Cooler at Chlor-alkali plant.
Plate Heat Exchanger Refurbishment Project
Old Plate Heat Exchangers in Cement Plant are refurbished by HESSA VIETNAM Team
Dimple Jacketed Vessel and Tank
Some Special Vessel made by Dimpled Welding Pillow Plate, One side Embossing by high pressure gas, then forming a Thermal Jacket for Cooling or Heating Insulation, even for Heater ...
Welded Pillow Plate Application- Falling Film Evaporator
For welded Pillow Plate or Dimpled Plate, one of main applications is falling film evaporator. For cold side, the Refrigerant goes insdie the Pillow/Dimpled Plate; Water goes throu...
Titanium Semi-welded Plate Evaporator for Calcium Chloride
Shineheat Titanium Semi Welded Plate Evaporator work for Calcium Chloride production
Feed Pre-heater, Titanium Plate Heat Exchanger by Hessa-South Africa
Sodium Sulphate Crystalliser Plant, ASS Feed Pre-heater, duty carried by two units of Titanium Plate Heat Exchanger. Project accompalished by HESSA, South Africa Team
OEM Brazed Heat Exchanger Identically Replacment
Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger serivce and replacment by HESSA VIETNAM
Heating Isolation- Application for Welded Pillow Plate
In order to isolate the high temperature furnace heat contact with operators, reduce the environmental temperature, and to recycle furnace waste heat, we introduce such Special Iso...