Dimple Jacketed Vessel and Tank
Dimple Jacketed Vessel and Tank

Some Special Vessel made by Dimpled Welding Pillow Plate, One side Embossing by high pressure gas, then forming a dimpled Jacket for Cooling or Heating Insulation, even for Heater or Cooler by Steam or Cold Water.
For large size Tank Vessel or Tower, the it need to be seperately by segments of Dimple Jacketed Plate, each Segment is one signle welded pillow plate which manfacture by Laser Pillow Welded Facilities of HESSA Supplier, then bending and Joint welding together on site.
SHINEHEAT are in position for offer various of Dimple Jacket Vessels, Tanks and Plate Packs with High Quality Finishing.

Complex Structure Embossed Dimple Jacket

For Regular square type Embossed Dimples Jacket Panel or Welded Pillow Plates, it is easily to process by Laser machinery, the difficulties will increase according to the size area increasing.
HESSA develop special Laser Welding Process Facility, which could handle Max 2000*6000mm Pillow Plate at one time.

In additional, more challenges will come if processing Complex Structure Embossed Dimple Jacket Panel or Welded Pillow Plates.

Like this Complex shape of Embossed Thermal Jacket, the Panel’s length is more than 2800mm, Width is more than 850mm, with several special nozzles and connecting bolts. It need special tooling to constrain it during welding, the most important, it should keep flatness during high-pressure inflation.

Besides Dimpled welding quality, the key issue of whole panel quality is “Flatness”. If not “Flatness” enough, then it could not work well and efficiently when attach on main equipment.

HESSA’s professional “Inflation Tooling Bed” offer an ideal solution for it.